So you've got your session booked... 


The best recordings are usually the result of good preparation and rehearsal prior to the session – the better rehearsed you are, the more smoothly the session will probably go and the more time there will be to add any extra creative touches that will take the track to the next level.

Please try to get to the session on time – time slots usually have to be kept pretty rigid as there may be multiple sessions in the studio on the same day and time will be needed between sessions for tidy-up, anti-bac clean-up and prep for the next session. Sessions are charged from the start time of the booking so a late start means you get less recording time for your money.

It’s always good to have a lyric sheet that I can use to reference the track during the session – ideally a printed copy that I can scribble on or something sent via email to so I can print it out prior to the session.

If you are recording to your own backing tracks, feel free to email these over in advance so I can get the session prep’d and ready for your arrival – that way we can maximise the use of your time in the studio (WAV or AIFF files are preferred as MP3s generally aren’t great quality)

Recording can be hungry work so it’s a good idea to bring food/snacks with you if the session covers usual meal times. There’s always a jug of water and glasses available as well as tea & coffee if you need a quick refreshment break. There’s also a covered area outside if you need some fresh air.

At the end of the session I’ll give you a ‘Session Mix’ to take away (sent by email or Airdrop) – depending on the type of session this will either be the final mix (if there has been time to do it during the booked session), or a ‘Reference Mix’ to take away and send in any comments or changes you’d like to be made (if a separate mix session has been booked).

If the recorded tracks aren’t mixed during the booked session, a separate mix session will need to be arranged to finalise the mix – you don’t need to be present for this. Mix sessions are booked and charged separately by agreement. Once a mix is done, it will be sent to you (usually within 3 days of the session) for any notes/comments – these are called ‘revisions’ and all changes should ideally be finalised within a maximum of 3 revisions.

If you’ve chosen to have the track(s) mastered at 3507, this will be done within 3 days of all revisions being approved and the final ‘Approved Mix’ sent to you via email or private Soundcloud. 

(Mastering is a final ‘polishing’ stage – it is not essential but it is recommended if your tracks are going to be released online – it ensures that they meet the criteria of all the streaming services and are not going to sound out of place amongst other released music).

Nick Sagar at 3507 Studio Recording

Most importantly, the recording process should be a great experience and a chance to bring your ideas and music to life – I strive to make the atmosphere at 3507 as relaxed as possible while still being focused and professional – so not only will you go away with a great track, but also having had a fantastic time recording and developing your songs.

And remember, if you are new to all this, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need more information – there is no such thing as a stupid question and I love helping people get the most out of the experience and supporting artists, particularly if it’s their first time in a studio.

Looking forward to having you in the studio