Mixing & Mastering

Even if your tracks weren’t recorded at 3507, we’re happy to help you take the raw recording and create a mix (and/or master) you can be proud of.

Using top class studio monitoring in an acoustically treated control room, you can be sure of the best results.

Computer screen showing mixing project

Once Nick has sent you the first mix, you’ll get unlimited chances (revisions) to tweak the mix until you’re completely happy with it.

If you just want us to master a track you’ve already had mixed, no problem.

You’ll get the same unlimited revisions until you are happy the track is sounding just how you want it and can be proud of the release.

Mixing console looking across the faders

Songs can be mixed from individual tracks (multitrack mix) or from groups of stereo tracks (stems)

If you’re not sure how best to get your recordings ready for mixing, just let us know and we can guide you through the process.

Nick Sagar at the mixing console working on a mix

Once you know Nick has the song sounding the way you want, you might consider having us ‘Master’ the track to give it that final polish and make sure it conforms with all the requirements of the different streaming platforms. We can also advise on releasing your music if its something you are new to.

All these tracks were mixed & mastered by nick at 3507