3507 is the ideal place for singers, singer-songwriters, small bands and voice artists to record and develop.

The studio is based around a ‘vintage’ analogue console to give the recordings a rich classic sound. Top class instruments, mics and outboard gear ensure your music is captured beautifully.

The Outerlines recoding at 3507

The studio is especially good for solo artists and singer-songwriters who want to develop their songs with the help of an experienced producer, who can also provide extra instrumentation if needed.

Doogie O'Fella at the mic

If 'gear' is your thing, here's a list of some of the main elements of the 3507 gear list...

  • Soundcraft `Ghost 32 Analogue Console
  • Adam A7V Studio monitors
  • Yamaha NS10 Reference Monitors
  • MOTU Convertors
  • Neve & SSL preamps
  • 1176 ‘Bluey’ compressor
  • DBX, GPA, Lindell, IGS Outboard processing
  • SSL Mix Buss compressor
  • Personal Monitoring
  • High-end instruments, amps, synths and FX
  • Upright acoustic piano
Studio outboard gear rack
George Whittingham drumming in the 3507 booth

Even though 3507 isn’t a big studio, it’s perfect for small bands, solo artist and singers – especially if you have no experience in recording studios – it’s the perfect place to start.

Just Giorge laughing at the mic in then booth
Zoe Fegan playing a resonator guitar


  • Lewitt 840 Tube Mic
  • Shure SM7B
  • Neumann TLM102
  • Warm Audio 47jr FET
  • SE Electronics 440a (matched pair)
  • SE Electronic SE8 (matched pair)
  • MXL Ribbon mics
  • Reslo vintage ribbon mic
  • Various Shure SM57
  • Various Shure SM58
  • Audix D6 Kick Mic
  • AKG C3000
  • Sennheiser E604 Tom Mics
- 3507 Studio Recording