I started working with Manchester-based band Sugarstone at the start of lockdown, to create some visual pieces for one of their tracks (‘Addict For The Magic’)

As you can see, this was along the lines of many lockdown videos at the time – artists isolated in their own ‘boxes’ – but, in this case, with a more effected twist – the idea of being stuck behind a retro screen and very much separated from each other.
This collaboration developed over their next two tracks “Love Shack” and “Plastic Protector”. 

With ‘Love Shack” I wanted to convey the idea of no-one really knowing what people were doing stuck inside their houses – and this fantastic cover version was the perfect vehicle.

The latest video “Plastic Protector” brings the visual aesthetic of the band crashing into view – a dark “retro-futuristic” vibe that fits the track so well. This is no longer a glorified lockdown video but a full blown visual production (while still all being filmed on iPhones in the bands respective homes)

If you’re interested in chatting about any video ideas or projects you might have please get in touch – I’m fairly new to music video creation but it’s something I’ve got a great buzz out of while the studio has been closed to sessions.